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Realsage Price

Pricing rental units, redefined.

A new way to market rentals

Set the right rent price with confidence.

Benchmark local data

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew where your competition stands before you determine your own strategy?

Exact market placement

Set a price for your unit and instantly recognize if you are among the top 20% in the market or the bottom 10%.

Future trend prediction

Stay ahead of the curve by gaining access to data-driven market intelligence and upcoming trends.

Take the guesswork out of setting your rent price.

Use data-driven algorithms and machine learning to analyze market trends and competition, allowing you to set optimal prices that balance occupancy and revenue goals.

Rent based on comparable units

Select a metric that works for your pricing strategy.



Avail data of specific buildings that compete with your vacant units.



Insights on neighbourhood performance and trends.

Asset Class

Asset Class

Pick your competition by amenities and class.



Evaluate portfolio-wide pricing strategy by generating market reports based on your pre-set comparison criteria.

Set a profitable rent price

Streamline the process of setting market-driven rent prices for all your available or upcoming units with the ease of our one-stop dashboard solution.

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