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Turn your data into cashflows.

Find meaningful insights within your data for better decisions, track leasing funnels, and engage with new prospects.

Trusted by prominent real estate managers

Rental insights, redefined

Be at peace.

Get real-time reporting on critical KPIs for all teams on a single dashboard and achieve peace of mind with all key metrics in one place.

Adapt, evolve.

Gain valuable insights by analyzing performance data, leading to increased NOI, decreased costs, and higher performance. Adapt and evolve your strategies to achieve greater success across your portfolio.


Collaborate seamlessly across teams and platforms, sharing reports and insights on your own terms.

Simple, yet revolutionary

Simple to use, integrate, and get started. Experience the fastest integration ever created to quickly harness the power of your data.


Realsage can read directly from any popular software or tech stack. No need to install SDKs or build processes to send us data.

The people who love us:

Enterprise multifamily managers


Integrate to analyze portfolio and team performance


Track and convert more leads


Automate reporting and rental processes

Student housing & co-living players


Seamlessly list, accept by the room applications


Improve discovery and rental returns


Integrate data and manage portfolio performance on a single platform.

Empowering better decision-making in real-estate.

Join the ranks of leading asset owners and operators in having RealSage guide your team to success.  

100+ Properties

with a total of 30.1 Billion+ AUM

35+ Locations

across 20 states in the North America

0 K+
Units operated by customers
0 K+
Business Insights generated
0 k+
Data points processed every month
0 M+
Savings generated

Customer Reviews

Oxford properties

“I remember talking to the RealSage team about the challenges multifamily operators face in accessing comprehensive market data. It’s fantastic to see the solution they have developed, which saves my team plenty of time when it comes to pricing rentals.”

Andrew Lowe
Vice President, Multi-Residential Operations

Getting started is easy

Book a demo and see the difference RealSage can make to your portfolio. 



Business intelligence with AI-powered insights that improve portfolio returns.


Manage leads to lease funnels like never before.


A digital-first approach to tenant management that guarantees delight.


Maximize revenues and gain a competitive edge with the power of up-to-date market rental data.


For rental owners and operators who wish to stay in the know.

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